More than just an alarm clock

Grow stars while you sleep and fight the urge to hit snooze with this refreshingly different alarm app.

Every night you grow a star.

It will grow little by little while you sleep, from nothing but a cloud of cosmic dust.

Your star will wake you when it's ready.

Collect it by completing a challenge to shut off your alarm.

You snooze, you lose.

If you try to snooze or don't shut the alarm off in time, your star will explode destroying your night's work.

Build constellations and fill up your night sky.

Stars you make are automatically chained together to build constellations which unlock sweet rewards, but careful, a supernova will destroy a chain.

Drift away with the Sleep Engine.

Your star can play calming, ambient sounds while it grows to help you fall asleep.

What people are saying

Wow, great app, 11/10!

My mom

Why do you keep showing this to me, I've already seen it! Oh. No one is going to notice that change. Why did you spend a whole day on that?

Also my mom

Why don't you have a job yet!?


This is getting ridiculous, how long does it take to make an alarm clock app? Why can't you be more like your sister?

Still my mom

Download it today!

Start fighting the snooze habit, one star at a time.